On The Street

Mission 10:10 strives to change the lives of “street’ kids.  Orphaned or abandon to survive on their own, these kids know very little about real love or family.
Mission 10:10 provides a safe place for these boys and girls, to get a meal, clean water, clothes, but more importantly they experience the love of Jesus.
Through love, training, and counseling, our goal is not to institutionalize these children but to support Christian families, giving them the ability to provide family structure, and an abundant future.

Show Their Value

Mission 10:10 also recognizes the plight of the widow.  Many women, left without a husband, have no way to provide for themselves or kids.  They are often viewed as worthless.  Mission 10:10 hopes to show these ladies their value, to God, and to the community. 
Through generous donations we are teaching skills and providing 
resources to these women that allow them to work, and live, and provided from a position of value.
God does not forget broken hearted people (Psalm 34:18), He values them abundantly.

Finding Families

Mission 10:10 was founded by orphan care workers and adoptive families.  We love the care our kids received in a Christian orphanage.  But all to often kids become too old to stay, have little opportunity, and return to poverty, hopelessness, and away from the church.
Mission 10:10 sees a new way.  Rather than an orphanage we create family units, partnered with the local church and the community.  Our goal is to support families to love and care for kids and to connect them with the church.  We can change a community by supporting strong families.